“Dr. Bruce and Staff,
When I first wrote this note I was still working through the physical therapy portion of the shoulder repair that you began in late April of this year, I have since completed physical therapy and realized that I have not posted this note as I had intended, for that I am sorry, for this testimonial and note of thanks are long overdue.


If I may, I would like to briefly recap why I sought your help for the benefit of any who might read this note and testimonial, and also to help them understand why I feel it important to write about my experience with you and the healing that has taken place.


When I came to your office for the very first time, I was in severe pain. I had injured myself in such a way, that I had torn the bicep in my right arm, and worse yet, I believed that I had also torn the rotator cuff in my right shoulder as well, and generally undoing a previous surgery which was completed years before to repair it. Needless to say, I was messed up. My range of motion was severely compromised, I couldn’t sleep at night from the pain, and simple day to day tasks were painful and sometimes even impossible to do. To add to it, all these limitations were affecting my performance at work.


Now, as they say the rest of the story. From the moment I first met you I could tell that you were a compassionate and caring Doctor, but also one who is straight forward, which I appreciate, and also one that is not going to take any others evaluation at face value before you had studied the problem and arrived at your own conclusion, finding that you either agree, or disagree with their finding. So with that said, you heard my complaints of pain, and yes, even my evaluation of my own needs, as well as what I thought needed to occur for treatment, and in addition, the opinion, albeit somewhat out of date by another Doctor, and set about making your plan to help me regain my health. That plan included a thorough exam, some further diagnostics through imaging, a reminder that not every issue is resolved through surgery, and some interim medication to help control the pain. A quick word about the medication, the medication that you prescribed for me was in the form of a medicated cream, of your own formula, and compounded a local compounding pharmacy, not a heavy narcotic pain killer which often leaves one with dulled senses. I would have bet money that a topical cream would have not worked, as had been my previous experience, but yours did, and I got significant relief instantly once I began using it, and I mean significant relief!


I completed the imaging studies and we met again to discuss what was determined. I recall that after reviewing the studies that you concluded in this case surgery was indicated, however I also recall that because of the extensive damage you were concerned about the amount of gain the surgery would net, and cautioned regarding expectations of mobility and pain reductions. I most especially recall that you told me that you could give a whole lot of technical jargon to explain my medical condition; you however instead, simply told me that in Laymen’s terms, “You are all jacked up.” Now that is something I understood very clearly.


As indicated, the surgery was performed in late April, and we are now at September 1st, and I have completed physical therapy now and I cannot believe how much progress I have made.


My range of motion is nearing all that I had prior to my injury, not to mention that I am pain free. I sleep well at night, and my life has for all intents and purposes returned to normal.


Dr. Bruce, you and your entire staff have always treated me with the utmost consideration, care, kindness, respect, and of course extremely skilled medical advice and care, and I have every confidence that anyone who seeks treatment with you would also receive the same. I know that it is not enough for all you have done, but please accept my sincerest thanks.” – Reg Sides