“Incredible Physician!

In the 1980s I worked for Richard B. Caspari, M.D., a world-renowned innovator in the arena of orthopaedics and sports medicine, as well as the Olympic team physician who repaired a bucket handle tear in Mary Lou Retton’s meniscus (a tendon in the knee) 4 weeks before the 1984 Olympics. When I met Erik Bruce, M.D., I knew almost immediately that I’d met a young surgeon who has the capacity to eclipse Dick Caspari’s success. Dr. Bruce’s gentle approach (a rarity among orthopaedic surgeons), his honesty, his exceptional skill and his complete dedication to his patients has produced an excellent result only 6 weeks after a very complicated right rotator cuff repair. This man is a winner and we need to do everything we can to keep him right here in Round Rock, Texas!” – N. B.