“I was in your offices today to have Dr. Bruce take a look at my knee. He was so wonderful to me! He took a middle aged woman from fear and nervousness to basic understanding through his step by step explanations. I was emotional (ok crying! J) through most of the visit, but be hung in there with me, and helped me to see that all was less painful/stressful than I thought.


I really appreciate everyone in your office today from the lady at the front desk who took my insurance card and i.d. and patient information, to Martha who took my x-rays, of course to Dr. Bruce, to those of you that smiled at me in your office hallways. Thank you for creating such a friendly environment.


In fact when I got home this afternoon, my husband had the following article pulled up on the computer, and it was an article by Dr. Bruce!


Thank you again, and Happy Easter to everyone there!” – Respectfully written, C. B.